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Expert Chiropractic treatment to help achieve your health goals

What to expect at Adrian Chiropractor

Consultations at Adrian Chiropractor will follow a number of simple steps:

1. Initial consultation including adjustment.
2. Report of Findings and second adjustment.
3. Regular Chiropractic treatment.

See below for further details of our chiropractic treatment process.
Adrian Chiropractor Consulting with Patient

Initial Consultation (One Hour)

When you come into our clinic you will be greeted by one of the team from Adrian Chiropractor. We have a questionnaire for you to complete which allows Adrian to get a comprehensive understanding of your health history.

Adrian will go through a thorough assessment, which includes: 
  • Discussion of your current health needs and goals
  • Postural analysis
  • Spinal analysis
  • Checking all joints assessing range of motion
  • Orthopaedic testing (tests to identify the specific nature of your injury or condition)
  • X-rays (if needed)

Based on this assessment Adrian will give a full explanation of his findings and recommendations which includes your first Chiropractic adjustment.

(There is no need to take any items of clothing off when you see your Chiropractor. We want you to be comfortable, however you may wish to take your shoes off).
Adrian Chiropractor Treating Patient

Report of findings / Second consultation (30 min)

Here, you get to report back to Adrian on your experience of the first adjustment. Adrian will assess you again to check for changes and then provide your second Chiropractic adjustment.

Adrian will provide you with an individualized care plan to help obtain your results and reach your goals. This may include further recommendations and steps you can take to support the healing process such as stretches, exercises, lifestyle changes, and any referral for supplementary treatments that will support your health.
Adrian Chiropractor Treating Patient

Regular Chiropractic treatments (10-15minutes)

You have time to discuss with Adrian how treatments are going. He will then check and adjust you. These visits are aimed at building on previous treatments to help maintain lasting change. So if your adjustments are holding well, Adrian will recommend a longer interval between your Chiropractic treatments.
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